Reimagining healthcare
for the better.

Australia’s leading virtual care provider - built by doctors, for patients.

We’re on a mission to deliver better health outcomes for all Australians.

Our missions is simple - better health outcomes for our patients.

Rosemary is a virtual healthcare provider. We’ve built a modern healthcare experience that is convenient, personalised and online. From consultations to medication delivery and ongoing care, Australians can now feel better.


Building the patient-first healthcare platform.

Firstly, our platform empowers patients to be active participants in their healthcare. We make it easy for patients to access care, whenever and wherever they may need it. All the information is at a patient’s fingertips - from treatment plans and medical advice to medication guides and educational content. With secure messaging, a patient can contact their doctor or a nurse whenever they need care or have questions. And of course, the convenience of medication delivery, with repeats, is all taken care of.

Secondly, our platform supercharges the entire clinical team, so they can spend time on what’s most important - providing quality care. We’ve built a specialised clinical portal, which is 100% focused on making the clinical teams' jobs safer, more efficient and much easier. Structured information and triaging, means a level of transparency and rigour to ensure the highest standard of care. Prompts and reminders, along with secure messaging and a holistic view of a patient's history, means our team of doctors and nurses deliver on continuity of care - a key pillar of ensuring improved health outcomes. A central tech portal, data and structure processes enable a whole new way of doing things - a highly personalised, high-touch and engaged health care experience.

Who we are and how to join us.

We’re building a platform and products we believe in, as well as a strong, diverse team of curious, creative people who want to do the best work of their lives and support each other in the process.

We’re looking for smart, ambitious people to help us continue to push the boundaries of connected healthcare and build a better system for all. You’ll join a close-knit team, in a rapidly growing company, and be supported and stretched to grow your career, all whilst making a positive impact.